"Train to Harbin" IS out in The Hudson Review's New Writers Issue

"Train to Harbin" is one of the two companion pieces to "The Visitor," which appeared in the 2013 O. Henry Prize Stories.

I once met a man on the train to Harbin. He was my age, just past his prime, hair starting to grease and thin in a way one might have thought passably distinguished in another context, in another era, when he might have settled down, reconciled to finishing out his long career predictably. But it was 1939. War had officially broken out between China and Japan, and like all of us on that train, he too had chosen to take the bait, that one last bite before acquiescing to life’s steady decline. You see, for us univer­sity doctors, it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We all knew it. Especially back then.

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